Accessibility Information is committed to making all the pages on this website accessible to all as much as is possible. Access keys (see below) are defined for navigation with the keyboard, all images have alternate text and the site may be properly viewed with CSS disabled.

Access keys

Most browsers support navigation using the keyboard as long as the keys are defined on the website. On Microsoft Windows you can press ALT + key if using Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape. If using Internet Explorer you hit the the ENTER/RETURN key as well. On the Apple Macintosh you can press CTRL + key.

This website defines the following keys:

Access keys 1 to 4 are also defined in the main Cartoon and Design pages (only 1 to 3).

So, for example, on a Microsoft Windows machine whilst using Internet Explorer, to go to the Home page press ALT + h key then press ENTER/RETURN.

Text size

The text on this website is fully resizable in all browsers. For example, in Internet Explorer, you can select the View menu and then the Text Size submenu to either increase or decrease the text size.

Visual design

This site use cascading style sheets for visual layout. If your browser or browsing device does not support stylesheets, the content of each page is still readable.

Standards compliance

All pages aim to comply with priority 1 and 2 guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ( WAI WCAG ), the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Code of Practice and the U.S. Federal Government Section 508 Guidelines.

All pages validate as HTML 4.01. They use structured semantic markup.

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